Xcelsius Printer Pro Edition is Now Available

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We would like to announce the release of the Xcelsius Printer Professional. The highlight of this new version is the server directed annotation and file output features.  The Xcelsius Printer Pro elevates the key value proposition of generating and sharing custom dashboard views.  We refer to this seamlessly embedded four step process as Output Analytics.

Output Analytics in Action

[Compare Editions: Standard vs. Professional]


ROI vs. Alternatives

The Xcelsius Dashboard Printer Pro has a substantial ROI advantage over alternative workflows which feature capture, Layout, Annotation, and document creation. ROI advantages:

  • No 3rd party software licensing
  • No local software installation required
  • No excessive toggling between application
  • No overwhelming unrelated features
  • No cumbersome capture sizing and layout
  • No training and support burden

Note:  Alternative workflows could include a combination of desktop capture tools (Print Screen, Snipping Tool, SnagIt®)  and productivity applications (ex. Word, PowerPoint, etc.)

Technical Risk?

Xcelsius add-ins can present technical risk related to performance, accuracy and reliability of the dashboard. Our Xcelsius add-in operates as a presentation layer requiring no integration with the underlying data. Though our add-in is full-featured, it has a light foot print in size and resource requirements. Just drag and drop the print control to the canvass and set default properties and you are done.


You must have an Xcelsius Printer Standard license (Developer + Domain) in order to deploy the Professional Edition. The Professional version additionally requires an Output Server license, which is analogous in function to the familiar Fax Server deployment. The Output Server can be deployed in a Linux, Windows IIS or a subscription service.  A single X-Printer Output Server can host all developer and domain instances.
[More on Licensing]

For more information of the new professional edition visit the [product page] or [contact] us to schedule a demonstration. The Xcelsius Printer Standard Edition is available for immediate [download] or [demo].

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