Xcelsius Printer Add-in Gets Skinned Alive

By Gabriel Braun

You choose Xcelsius Printer’s new skin. Vote now!

Xcelsius Printer Before UI

The Xcelsius Dashboard Printer was launched on December 14, 2011 and  is now ready to under go a makeover. We would like you to choose the Dash Printer’s  new default theme skin. You can click the thumbnails to preview each theme and then vote.

Prior to launch our focus was on functionality and performance, not look and feel. Xcelsius SDK skinning is precarious and undocumented art. This required us to stick with standard Flex UI components during the development of the Xcelsius Printer. We did not want to dress up the X-Printer while we were still going under the hood.

The aim of our UI design was not just looks, though attention to visual design was a top priority. We have also given attention to enhanced usability. Here are some of our UX updates:

Selection Mode

  • Redesigned UI elements for pixel perfect display at varying resolutions
  • New floating selection tools for better accessibility
  • Added more visible and detailed context help descriptions

Preview Mode

  • Reorganized settings and controls more intuitive grouping and positions
  • Redesigned controls for greater consistency
  • Improved labeling and descriptions

The newly skinned Xcelsius Printer version will be released on February 9. To update you simply download and reinstall using your license key. You will have to republish existing models using Xcelsius Printer in order to apply new UI’s. We are not done evolving the Xcelsius Dashboard Printer or done introducing exciting new tools to the Xcelsius Community. So stay tuned.

If you have not yet tried out the Xcelsius Dashboard Printer. You can download it now.

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  1. DavidGross@QuadrantPoint.com 3:02 am on February 2, 2012

    Excellent UI design. I am looking forward to the upgrade. I am sure my customers will love it also.

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