Xcelsius Dashboard Printer Standard 2.0 Now Available for Download!

By Krista Sheraton

Two months after its initial launch the latest version of the Xcelsius Dashboard Printer Standard is now available for download. This version includes a complete UI overhaul and other value added enhancements. If you are currently using a trial or licensed add-in, update by simply download and installing the new release. You will have to republish any dashboards published with the previous version. Try out the Xcelsius Printer 2.0 demo: http://bit.ly/wAYr8i.

What is New?

  • All new UI’s for selection and preview modes

  • Set default output orientation in the property sheet

  • Printout to alternative page sizes in preview

What is Next?

We will be releasing the much anticipated Xcelsius Printer Pro later this month. This version brings comprehensive output options along with the updates mentioned above.

  • Save local or email file output types
  • Image output types (PNG, JPG or GIF)
  • Document output types (PDF, PowerPoint or Word)
  • Copy and paste from selection mode
  • New layout options
  • Watermark
  • Header and Footer
Stay Tuned…



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