The Evolution of an Xcelsius Add-on

By Gabriel Braun

We started this journey with the expectation to fill key functionality and usability gaps within Xcelsius. In mid-2011 we targeted and began development on a number of Xcelsius add-ins. Six months into development we could clearly see which horse we intended to hitch our fortunes. The Xcelsius community clearly let us know which tool they felt would add the most value to their dashboard developments. We listened, re-prioritized and then sidelined all other Add-on development to focus on the Xcelsius Printer.

By the time we started coding it had already become clear that purely Flash based development would not be sustainable in a mobile driven future.  We have also long known that the lagging and liking Xcelsius application and SDK was not a dependable stage to secure our development hopes in the BI arena. Fortunately, we were not fazed by these revelations because our product vision extended well beyond Flash and Xcelsius. What Xcelsius did provide is a familiar product, development tools and community. We had been designing dashboards for more than 7 years, using the SDK for 4 years and had just began to engage the vibrant Xcelsius community.

Engaging the community has been one of the most amazing parts of this journey. Mico Yuk, Ryan Goodman and the other Xcelsius Gurus and bloggers (Xavier Hacking, Josh Tapley) have provided instrumental visibility and insights. Vendors like Infosol, Launch Works, Visual BI and Graphomate have shared invaluable business and technical insights. Our users have provided constructive feedback which has shaped our product vision and enhanced quality. Tis is the season to say thank you to all who have contributed to our success. Below is a summary of the Data Savvy Tools 2012 product development timeline.


Xcelsius Printer Standard
Released the first zero footprint capture utility which went far beyond just adding reliable capture and print functionality for dashboards.

Xcelsius Printer Professional
Introduced our enterprise deployable print server which generates PDF, MS Word, MS Outlook and Image output.

Copy to Clipboard
We added the first commercially available zero footprint image capable copy to clipboard function.

The addition of embedded full featured annotation capability to the capture and output workflow.

Dashboard 4.0 Compatibility
Upgraded Dashboards  add-ons to Adobe Flex SDK 4.0 for use with SAP Dashboard Design 4.0 R3+.

Moving forward you can expect some exciting developments from Data Savvy Tools in 2013. Without revealing too much I will drop a couple of hints.

  • HTML5
  • Mobile

Though change is on the way, our product core value proposition will remain the same. “A seamless embedded workflow to capture and share analytic views”


Xcelsius Printer Standard – available for immediate download or demo.

Xcelsius Printer Professional – contact us or our sales partner InfoSol for a demo and  pricing information.


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