• Product Lines

    Product Lines

    Our products allow you to do More with the Tools You Use. We make your tools Data Savvy!
    • SAP Dashboard Tools
    • Microsoft Office Tools
    • WordPress Blog Tools

  • SAP Dashboard Tools

    SAP Dashboard Tools

    Expand the Potential of Dashboard Data Visualization. Add these feature rich plug-ins to your SAP Dashboard.
    • Feed Reader (RSS)
    • Custom User Interface
    • Custom Maps

  • RSS Reader for SAP Dashboards

    RSS Reader for SAP Dashboards

    Effortlessly add and manage dynamic RSS feeds within SAP Dashboards. Limitless sources for live feeds.
    • Industry or Company News
    • Competitive Intelligence
    • Commodities (i.e. Stock, Gas...)

  • Dash Printer for Xcelsius

    Dash Printer for Xcelsius

    Finally you can print exactly what you want! You can now visualize your printing.
    • Interactive print preview
    • Select and arrange print layouts
    • Customize print settings

  • Custom UI for SAP Dashboards

    Custom UI for SAP Dashboards

    No more ugly dashboards! Get a SAP Dashboard makeover today!
    • Reflect your brand
    • Attractive Accessible designs
    • Enhanced User Experience

  • Custom Maps for SAP Dashboards

    Custom Maps for SAP Dashboards

    Custom SAP Dashboard maps to your exact geographic specifications. Got Data? Map It!
    • Sales Territory Maps Specialist
    • Extended Features vs. Std. Maps
    • Custom Map Boundaries

Xcelsius RSS Reader

  • Manage multiple feeds
  • CSS or WYSIWYG styling
  • Flexible layout options
  • Dynamic feed insertion

Xcelsius Dash Printer

  • Select print ranges
  • Print preview
  • Set header and footer
  • Arrange print regions

Xcelsius Custom Maps

  • Custom boundaries
  • Extended labeling
  • Extended formatting
  • Dynamic data insertion

Xcelsius Custom UI

  • Reflect your brand
  • Enhance UX
  • Reusable templates
  • Themed components