RSS Reader for SAP Dashboards

Is your dashboard hungry? Feed dynamic just-time business intelligence to your dashboards.

Manage Multiple Feeds

Orchestrate unlimited feeds using multi- feed list combined with key selectors and multiple feed panels combine visibility features.

Apply CSS Styles or Add your Own

The appearance of each feed element can be stylized using linked CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) or WYSIWYG direct formatting.

Layout options

Embedded layout options determine the positioning and visibility of feed elements and the feed display frame type used.

Data and Key Insertion

Feed elements can be individually inserted and its contents viewed by other components. Also feed key or position can be inserted to activate or filter other components.

Additional Features:

  • No Flash Security issue with provided crossdomain proxy scripts
  • Set number of post displayed before paging required
  • Configurable pagination and navigation controls
  • List box or combo box feed display options.
  • Choose from 6 date styles including ## Ago
  • Configure borders and background settings

Use Case Study:

RSS Readers are generally only valued for their ability to dynamically display information centric news and intelligence. The Data Savvy Tools Reader also excels at integrating data centric feeds into dashboards. Feed data can be inserted to dynamically update calculated fields in dashboard data models. For example:

  • Calculate company value using stock price feeds
  • Expense model based on gas or oil prices feeds
  • Localization using currency exchange rate feeds
  • Other commodity based calculated models