Xcelsius Dashboard Printer

Finally! Intelligent printing for your business intelligence dashboard.

Intelligent Output Overview

Intelligent Output Analytics enables a simple seamless embedded workflow for generating sharing custom dashboard views.  The Dashboard Printer add-in boasts a significant ROI advantage over alternative tools and methods in generating similar outcomes.

SAP Xcelsius Printer Add-in region selection image

Simply Capture

Precisely capture part or full screen views of dashboard. Conveniently toggle between capture mode and dashboard to capture from navigation and parameter driven views.

SAP Xcelsius Printer Add-in print preview image

Efficiently Layout

Preview and arrange dashboard captures in custom views using full featured page and layout settings. Drag and drop captures to dynamically order within page views.

SAP Xcelsius Printer Add-in admin properties image

Artfully Annotate

Utilize a rich set of relevant annotation tools to add voice and context to custom capture layouts. User analysis and capture views combine to provide just-in-time analytics insights.

SAP Xcelsius Printer Add-in print layout image

Flexibly Share

User can effortlessly save or share their custom dashboard insights in a variety of output formats.  The professional version adds Image, PDF, Word and PowerPoint output options.


  • Print Button (image, text or transparent)
  • Scale captures to fit page
  • Zoom controls for  preview
  • Set margin and page size
  • Layouts 2 or 4 captures per page
  • Annotation (callouts, arrows, highlight, etc.)
  • Vertical and horizontal centering
  • Portrait or landscape orientation
  • Styled region borders
  • Image output automatically cropped
SAP Xcelsius Printer Add-in saves paper image
SAP Xcelsius Printer Add-in no print screen required image

“Just Say Yes” to Intelligent File Output!

Feature intelligent dashboard output. Effortlessly print exactly what  and how you want. “Just Say No” to to wasting paper and cumbersome screen capture tools!

  • No more painful print screen routines
  • No more toggling screen capture tools
  • No more wasted paper
Features Standard Professional
  • Developer Desktop Client
  • Domain License
  • Cloud Print Server


  • Set page orientation
  • Set Margins
  • Format text print buttons
  • Image Print Buttons
  • Headers and Footers
  • Watermark


  • Copy to Clipboard
  • Dynamic Output Queue
  • Capture Full Screen
  • Capture Partial Screen


  • Zoom
  • Scale
  • Orientation
  • Centering
  • Order selection queue
  • Borders
  • Borders (weight , color)
  • Page Size
  • Annotation Tools
  • Layouts (2, 4 per page)
  • Headers and Footers
  • Watermark
  • Save Image as (PNG, JPG or GIF)
  • Send Document as (PDF, PowerPoint or Word)
  • Send Image or Document via Email

Upgrade Now!

If you already own a registered Developer Client of X-Printer Standard you can now upgrade to the
Standard  Professional
  • Developer License
$498  $498
  • Capture Server
 -  Required
*There is no additional client license cost when moving from Standard to Professional version.
Print Capture Server Pricing 

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

  • Users




  • Cost




*Capture Server is required for the Professional version
*Users = Xcelsius viewer licences
*20% annual maintenance and support
License Types


  • Developer Desktop Client
At least one client license is required to generate X-Printer enabled dashboards. You can generate and  unlimited dashboards within your domain. You can acquire additional developer licenses as needed.
  • Capture Management Server
The print capture output server will support all developer clients and within a single business entity.