DataSavvyTools Announce New Xcelsius Add-ins

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DataSavvyTools, the Xcelsius (SAP Dashboard) add-in developer, announced today that they will be introducing the RSS Feed Reader Add-in for Xcelsius during September 13 website launch webinar. The RSS Reader is the first of several Xcelsius add-ins planned for release this year. DataSavvyTools also has mentioned releasing add-ins for MS Office and WordPress, but no release dates have been announced.

With a little effort you can currently utilize RSS feeds in Xcelsius. Ryan Goodman demonstrated one such solution in a blog post Connecting RSS to Xcelsius and a YouTube video Consuming XML Data in Xcelsius has been posted by Xcelsiusinfo.

DataSavvyTools offers a full featured laymen’s solution to Xcelsius RSS Feeds. The Add-in incorporates powerful management, layout, and styling capabilities within the familiar Xcelsius property sheet.

Feed your dashboard from multiple RSS feed sources. You can add up to five feeds per panel. These feeds can be viewed in a single stream or filtered using Xcelsius input components. Flexible keyword search options feature dynamic design-time or live run-time full-text searches.

Control the visibility and positioning of feed elements. Layouts options define clear presentation of feed elements including images. Also, Individual element visibility can be turned on or off.

Each feed element can be effortlessly formatted using direct formatting. Alternatively you can apply a professional look to your feeds using provided or custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

DataSavvyTools’s new Xcelsius RSS solution includes a number of additional value added features.  This complete feature rich RSS add-in is listed at $350.00. Be on the lookout for special launch saving opportunities.

Lastly, DataSavvyTools will soon be offering its users a free 30 day trial edition of Xcelsius RSS Feed Reader.

Gabriel Braun, DataSavvyTools’s CEO, says that the company will continue to identify opportunities to provide solutions to enhance productivity and value for Xcelsius (SAP Dashboard) users. To stay tuned to the DataSavvyTools pipeline or preview demos of the RSS Feed Reader Add-in, visit the DataSavvyTools website at

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